HiyaHiya Flyer Needle Set

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A set of flexible double-pointed needles in various sizes complete with accessories and a case.

One needle is used to knit with, while the others are used to hold the stitches of your sock. Because there are less needle transitions, knitting with HiyaHiya Flyers will be quick and smooth in comparison to other needles. 

The flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality stainless-steel tips to offer strength, with a hollow construction for a lovely, lightweight feel.

Available in standard steel or sharp steel (more tapered tip, ideal for intricate stitch patterns).  3 lengths to choose from.

Each set is presented in a gorgeous and practical brocade project bag. Please note: bag colour will vary.

Choice of Tips (made with hollow stainless steel):

    Sharp Steel - Favoured by lace knitters who like the extra 'pointiness' of the needle tip.
    Standard Steel - More rounded tips

Choice of Length These sets come in three lengths. Choose from:

    5" (12.5cm) - tip length approx 2" (5cm). 4 needles per size.
    6" (15cm) - tip length approx 2" (5cm). 4 needles per size.
    8" (20cm) - tip length approx 3" (7.5cm) 3 needles per size.

Set Contains 

    Sets of needles in the following sizes (4 needles per size in 5" and 6", 3 needles per size in 8"):
          2.00mm (0 US, 14 UK)
          2.25mm (1 US, 13 UK)
          2.50mm (1.5 US, 12.5 UK)
          2.75mm (2 US, 12 UK)
          3.50mm (4 US, 9.5 UK)
   1 x animal snip (may vary)
   1 x panda point protectors (pair)
   1 x sheep needle gauge
   1 x project bag
   Please note: project bag colour and pattern varies


Needle Type: Flexible Double Point Needles
Material: Stainless steel tips, plastic cable
Measurements: 5"/12.5cm and 6"/15cm - tip length approx 2"/5cm
8"/20cm - tip length approx 3"/7.5cm

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HiyaHiya Flyer Needle Set
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