HiyaHiya Case Colours & Designs

HiyaHiya Case Colours & Designs

Posted by Lisa on 29th Jan 2020

With HiyaHiya, not only do you get a huge range of great quality products, you also get a "lucky dip" when it comes to their cases.

Unlike most manufacturers, HiyaHiya are not very consistent in their packaging. This not only refers to the paper packaging inlays they use on their various needles (don't assume if you have red that it'll always be red in that range!), but also to the fabrics they use for their set cases.

In the picture above you can see the range of case designs and colours we had in stock at time of writing. All beautiful - but the case won't tell you what's inside!

We always try and offer our customers the best service we can. So, if there's a particular design or colour that you'd like (or hate!) just let us know and we'll do our best to sort it out for you - or offer you alternatives.

You can find our full range of items from HiyaHiya here.