ChiaoGoo End Stoppers

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Chiaogoo end stoppers are a great accessories for knitters using interchangeable knitting needles. These stoppers are designed to fit securely onto the ends of the cables, preventing stitches from sliding off and keeping your work intact when you need to set it aside and use the tips for another project. End Stoppers fit TWIST, SPIN, SWIV360 and X-Flex cables.

Available in 3 sizes:

Mini M:    Fits cables for mini needle tip sizes (1.5mm - 2.5mm / US 000 - 1.5), TWIST cables only
Small S:    Fits cables for small needle tip sizes (2.75mm - 5mm / US 2 - 8), TWIST, SPIN, SWIV360 and X-Flex cables
Large L:    Fits cables for large needle needle tip sizes (5.5mm - 10mm / US 9 - 15),TWIST, SPIN and SWIV360 cables

Pack contains 2 stoppers.

Brand:  ChiaoGoo
Product:  Cable End Stoppers
Material: Plastic, metal
Pack Contains:  2 stoppers