KnitPro Nova Cubics 35cm Straight Needles

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These Nova Cubics square shaped needles, in shiny nickel-plated brass, have convenient grip and the same flawless feel and finish that KnitPro's regular Nova Metal brass needles are appreciated for.
  • Unique ergonomic shape provides comfort to the hands and an excellent grip on the needle
  • Perfect for beginners, provides firm grip on the needle while knitting
  • Light weight ensures comfort in the hand an hours of stress free, satisfying knitting
  • Extremely strong brass needles, with high grip cuboid shape
  • Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high quality nickel, its polished surface is a knitter's delight
  • The best of both worlds, the strength and flawless finish of brass and the perfect cuboid shape
  • The cuboid shape in cross section gradually gives way to perfectly tapered brass needle tips
  • Beautiful wooden ends perfectly compliment the brass needles.
Available in sizes 2.00m (US 0) to 8.00mm (US 11) - please choose from options above.