No Black Friday Sales!

No Black Friday Sales!

Posted by Kevin on 27th Nov 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, imported from the US, rapidly seem to have become part of Christmas shopping. But we've not taken part in the past, or now.

At Woolstack we've always tried to sell a wide range of high quality items at reasonable prices. Everything we sell is held in stock to ensure we can dispatch quickly by our small team in Cheltenham. By keeping our prices low we end up having very small margins, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts would rapidly eat into that (and it doesn't take much before we're losing on each sale!).

What we could do is artificially inflate our prices and then "discount" them with lots of events (I think we all know the companies that do that!). But, we'd rather spend our time dealing with your orders, sourcing new items and delivering the best possible service to our customers.

So, sorry we're not having a sale, but I hope you can understand the reasons, and see our prices and service justify our choice.