ChiaoGoo SWIV360 Cables

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ChiaoGoo SWIV360 cables combine the durability and memory-free cable of TWIST with the rotating swivel join of SPIN. Made from several thin strands of steel wire twisted together and encased in a white nylon coating, ensuring smooth and snag-free knitting. The swivel join prevents twisting and tangling. 

Key features of ChiaoGoo SWIV360 cables include:

360-degree Swivel Mechanism: Their ability to swivel a full 360 degrees at the join eliminates twisting and tangling, allowing for smoother knitting especially when working on larger projects or when using Magic Loop method.
Durability: Made from strong, multi-strand steel coated with nylon, these cables are incredibly durable and resistant to kinking or breaking. The steel core ensures strength, while the nylon coating provides a smooth surface for easy movement of stitches.
Flexibility: The cables are highly flexible, allowing for comfortable knitting without the stiffness often found in other cables. This flexibility makes them ideal for a wide range of knitting projects, from small circumference knitting to larger, more complex pieces.
Compatibility: SWIV360 cables are designed to be compatible with all ChiaoGoo interchangeable needle tips.
Smooth Joins: The cables feature joins that are smooth and snag-free, ensuring your yarn glides effortlessly over the connection between the tip and cable.
Memory-Free: These cables are memory-free, meaning they won't retain a coiled shape after being stored.
Variety of Lengths: Available in a range of lengths, ChiaoGoo SWIV360 cables cater to different project requirements, from small circumference knitting to larger pieces.
Size Markings: The length is clearly marked on the swivel ends making it easy to identify the length.

Whether you are working on a complex lace pattern or a simple scarf, ChiaoGoo SWIV360 cables offer reliability, ease of use, and exceptional performance, making them a favourite among knitters of all skill levels.

The size of needle determines the the cable connector size:
    [S] Small Connector - for sizes 2.75mm - 5mm (2 US - 8 US)
    [L] Large Connector - for sizes 5.5mm - 10mm (9 US - 15 US)

5cm pack contain 3 cables to make flexible double pointed needles when attached to tips (sold separately).

Note: lengths stated are the actual length of the cable on its own. The full circular length is achieved when needle tips are joined with the cable and it is measured from tip-to-tip.

Brand:  ChiaoGoo
Needle Type:  Cable for Interchangeable Knitting Needles
Material: Steel and plastic
Lengths Available: 5cm, 13cm, 15cm, 20cm, 35cm, 55cm, 75cm, 93cm, 125cm
Pack Contains:  1 cable, 1 tightening key