ChiaoGoo SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable Tips

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ChiaoGoo's SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable Tips are ideal for knitters who appreciate the warm touch of bamboo needles that provide excellent grip for yarn. These tips provide exceptional comfort and control, allowing you to knit comfortably for hours.

Interchangeable needles work by screwing the needle tips into a cable (available separately), smooth joins enable stitches to slide easily from tip to cable.

These tips are hand-crafted from Miso bamboo with surgical stainless steel connectors. They are suitable for knitters who are sensitive to nickel. Each tip has its size engraved.

These tips are crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, and are suitable for knitters who are sensitive to nickel. Each tip is etched with its size so it won't rub off.

ChiaoGoo tips and cables are interchangeable across all their ranges.

Choice of Length These tips come in two lengths. Choose from:

    4" - good for sleeves, hats and children's jumpers  Available in sizes 2.75mm to 10mm.
    5" - a popular size for day-to-day use and medium / large projects such as jumpers. Available in sizes 2.75mm to 10mm

The size of needle determines the size of the connector (which affects the type of cable you will need)
    Mini Connector - for sizes 1.5mm - 2.5mm (000 US - 1.5 US)
    Small Connector - for sizes 2.75mm - 5mm (2 US - 8 US)
    Large Connector - for sizes 5.5mm - 10mm (9 US - 15 US)

Brand:  ChiaoGoo
Needle Type:  Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips
Material: Bamboo, steel
Sizes Available: 2.75mm to 10mm
Lengths Available:  4" and 5" (10cm and 13cm)
Pack Contains:  1 pair of tips