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Addi CraSyTrio Bamboo Needles

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Following the success of CraSyTrio flexible metal double pointed needles, Addi now bring you CraSyTrio in bamboo! Perfect for those knitters who prefer to work with natural materials.

With this 3-piece set of flexible double-pointed knitting needles, you can knit even the smallest diameters without getting tired. The stitches are distributed over two needles and are then knitted with the third. They can also be used as cable pattern needles.

The shorter length 24cm needles are great for knitting socks and gloves, the longer length 30cm ones are great for thick yarns for hats, sleeves, or baby clothes.

Each tip has the size clearly printed on them.

Available in two lengths:
   24cm (9.5") long - each tip is approx 95mm long, cord is approx 50mm long
   30cm (11.8") long - each tip is approx 120mm long, cord is approx 60mm long


Brand:  Addi
Needle Type:  Flexible Double Pointed Needles
Material: Bamboo tips, plastic cord
Sizes Available: 24cm long: 2mm - 5mm, 30cm long: 4mm - 8mm
Lengths Available:  24cm or 30cm
Pack Contains:  3 flexible needles
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