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KnitPro Royale Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips Standard Short Special

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Introducing KnitPro's newest range - Royale. Coloured birch wood needles with shiny metal tips, a combination of strength and sophistication.

Available in lustrous shades, size specific colours allow for ease of identification.

The shiny metal tips are flawlessly tapered - ideal for all yarns and every project.

Light weight, strong and durable, they are warm to the touch, and a pleasure to knit with.

A smooth join ensures easy stitch glide and no snagging.

Available in two lengths:
Standard Length - approx 11.5cm and 13cm long
Special Short Length - approx 10cm long. These are specifically for use with the smallest cable (making a length of 40cm / 16 inches), ideal for those smaller items.

Designed for use with all KnitPro cables.
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