KnitPro Ginger Wood Single Ended Crochet Hook

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If you prefer simplicity over glamour, elegance over charm, then these should be your go-to tools! Meant for effortless crocheting, these hooks are sure to please young and old alike!

Single ended Ginger crochet hooks are the ideal wooden hooks for a comfortable and fun crocheting experience.

Designed by people who know and understand the art of crochet. These hooks are specially hand crafted by skilled artisans to provide smooth surface that ensures effortless glide.

Knitpro’s ginger crochet hooks have grooves that prevent stitch slippage. The crocheter’s favorite tool which is designed by experts for crochet artists.

All Ginger needles are made from FSCTM certified birch wood, sourced from well managed European forests.


Brand:  KnitPro
Needle Type:  Crochet Hook
Material: Laminated wood
Length: approx 15cm
Sizes Available: 3mm - 12mm
Pack Contains:  1 single ended crochet hook