KnitPro Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set II

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If you're after an introduction to interchangeable needles, then this is the perfect set for you! The Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set (II) contains a pair each of Karbonz, Nova Cubics and Royale Wood needle tips along with 2 cables in useful lengths.

KnitPro's Karbonz are the epitome of innovation and perfection. One of the most revolutionary needles of our time that combines the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped electroplated brass tips. Carbon fiber is one of the most versatile materials used in aircrafts and automobiles. Its high tensil strength and light-weight feel make it perfect for knitting needles. With the strength of metal and the warm touch of wood, Karbonz are truely a luxury knitting item.

Nova Cubics needles give you the best of both worlds - the strength and flawless finish of brass and the perfect cuboid shape. The electroplated brass tips give a good grip and have a flawless finish. 

Royale Wood needles ares made from coloured birch wood. They are lightweight yet exceptionally strong and and durable. The polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm. Warm to the touch, these needles are a pleasure to knit with.

The Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set (II) contains 3 pairs of needle tips and 2 cables, packaged in a handy vinyl case.

Interchangeable needles work by screwing the end of the flexible cable into the needle tips, tightening with the cable key to ensure the cables don't come undone during knitting. Smooth joins enable stitches to slide easily from tip to cable.

These tips are standard length - approximately 12cm (4.75") long, a popular length for day-to-day use and medium / large projects.

Please Note: circular lengths are achieved when needle tips and cables are joined together. The length does not refer to the actual length of the cable on its own.

Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set (II) contains
        3 pairs of tips in sizes:
           3.00mm (US 2.5) in Karbonz
           4.00mm (US 6) in Nova Cubics
           5.00mm (US 8) in Royale Wood
        1 x cable for 60cm / 24" circulars
        1 x cable for 80cm / 32" circulars

        4 x end caps
        2 x cable keys
        1 interchangeable needle case

Brand:  KnitPro
Needle Type:  Interchangeable Knitting Needles
Material: Carbon Fiber, Metal and Wood
Pack Contains:  Interchangeable Needles and Cables in a Needle Case

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KnitPro Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set II
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