KB Flexee Loom Links - Various Sizes

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Create your own custom flexible knitting loom! Snap together your links to create several small looms, or one large loom using all your links. You decide the size and shape you want to create!

Shape your knitting by decreasing (removing a link) or increasing (adding a link) while your knitting is on the loom. 

Great for: Baby, child and adult hats, baby blankets

Choice of Sizes These sets come in two sizes. Choose from:

    Chunky - for thick, bulky weight yarn. The pegs are set to 5/8" gauge.
    Skinny - for thin weight yarn. The pegs are set to 3/8" gauge.    

Chunky Pack contains:
    24 rotating links (12 teal blue and 12 light blue)
    12 straight links (6 teal blue and 6 light blue)
    Knit hook

Skinny Pack contains:
    32 rotating links (16 raspberry and 16 violet)
    16 straight links (8 raspberry and 8 violet)
    Knit hook

Brand:  KB Looms
Product: Flexible knitting loom
Material: High grade plastic
Quantity: Chunky - 36 links, Skinny - 48 links

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