Shipping Charge Increase

Shipping Charge Increase

Posted by Kev on 29th Jun 2020

At Woolstack we've always tried to keep our postage costs as low as possible - there's nothing worse than seeing low prices and then being gouged on "shipping" costs! But, alas, when others keep raising their costs we have to break eventually.

Since we set up this website almost a decade ago, we haven't changed our postage costs. We've absorbed the small increases over the years, but a massive increase by Royal Mail means we're unable to absorb it any more.

So, from 30 June we're making the following changes:

  • For the EU the minimum price will be £3 and £1.25 per extra 100g
  • Due to USPS imposing a huge increase on costs to deliver overseas packages to the US, the minimum postage cost to the US will be £4.00, and £2.00 per additional 100g
  • For everywhere else (except the UK) the minimum postage cost will be £3.00, and £1.50 per additional 100g
  • In the UK, we're increasing the postage cost to £2.50 but reducing our "Free Postage" level to £25.

Overseas we are charged by weight, whereas in the UK the cost doesn't significantly increase for heavier packages. This is why we can offer free (it's not free - we pay for it!) postage locally but are unfortunately not able to offer the same overseas.

Some of the price increase from Royal Mail is claimed to be "temporary". If this changes, we'll look to see if we can adjust our prices again.

We also offer various postage upgrades full details of which can be found here.