COVID-19 Postal Speed Update

COVID-19 Postal Speed Update

Posted by Kev on 9th Apr 2020

We're now noticing the postal services are increasingly taking longer to deliver. 

We're still dispatching - and will continue to, as long as it is safe. We may take a bit longer than normal to dispatch your order as we are exercising social distancing in our unit at all times. Orders will most commonly be sent next business day, with some going same day - and a few going later, especially if we need to check something with you.

However, the postal services are clearly struggling.

In the UK we're increasingly seeing delays. These seem quite random, and we suspect are down to postal workers being ill or self-isolating at very short notice meaning certain routes get backlogged. So, it is likely to be normal for a while to see some packages arriving quickly and some taking a long while. The variability won't (most likely!) be down to the companies sending the package, but Royal Mail struggling to move post through.

Overseas, Royal Mail has suspended services to multiple countries and is reporting delays with others - see here for the latest information. While it seems some are still arriving promptly, others are taking significantly longer. We can only apologise for this, but unfortunately we're not able to speed them up. The postal services very rarely lose things, so your order will arrive with you - just potentially quite a bit later than you'd normally expect.

We don't have enough information at the moment to say how long you should expect packages to take, but I can give some examples:

- A Royal Mail 24 (1st class) package to London took almost a week

- Multiple Royal Mail 48 (2nd class) packages have taken well over a week

- A package to France took almost a month

It's worth pointing out that this is Royal Mail (who I'm confident are trying their best in very challenging times), and so will affect every company or person who uses Royal Mail. It's not consistent - so you'll find some arrive quickly and some take longer.

I'll leave the last words from Royal Mail “We thank you for your patience. We are working hard to deliver the UK’s mail in unprecedented times.”

Stay safe.