COVID-19 - Out of Stock?

COVID-19 - Out of Stock?

Posted by Kev on 6th May 2020

We've seen lots more people buying online, but now our suppliers are starting to run out of stock too.

With the lockdowns people have bought more items online - and it seems like knitting has become a great skill to learn and project to undertake.

We've been busier than we've ever been, not least because we've reduced the number of staff in at any one time as we observe the social distancing advice, but also because of a huge surge of orders.

We've managed to keep stocked of most things, but our suppliers have started to run out of stock. This means you'll see more and more "Out of Stock" notices on the items we sell. We're trying to restock as quickly as we can, but as the items we sell come from all over the world, there is delay in manufacture.

We're not sure when this will clear up, but if you're thinking of making a purchase, I'd suggest making it sooner rather than later!

If you'd like us to notify you when we're back in stock of a particular item, please send us a message, and we'll email you as soon as it's available again.